Call for Papers for the JSHET 2023 (87th) HYBRID Conference

The Japanese Society for the History of Economic Thought (JSHET) will hold the 2023 (87th) Conference on HYBRID base.

Date:  May 20th (Sat.) and 21st (Sun.), 2023
Type:  Hybrid Conference                                                 
Venue: SENSHU University (IKUTA Campus), Kawasaki city, Kanagawa Prefecture (part of Greater Tokyo Area) and ONLINE (ZOOM)

Map of SENSHU Univ. (IKUTA campus)

Deadline for the call for papers: November 2nd, (Wed.), 13:00JST, 2022. Please submit your proposal with an abstract of about 600 words in English from the APPLICATION FORM below:


The result of your submission will be notified by email from the Conference Organizing Committee in January 2023. The Conference Program will be announced in February 2023.

Deadline for sending the OUTLINE of your presentation (up to 2,000 words in English): March 3rd (Fri.), 13:00JST, 2023.

Deadline for sending your Full Paper and/or Power Point presentation: May 6th (Sat.), 13:00JST, 2023.
Please note that if you do not meet the deadlines, your presentation will be CANCELED.

COVID-19: According to the Covid-19 situations in Japan, this Conference may be forced to be a fully ONLINE event. Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Japan is still restricting the border against short visitors. Although we are expecting the easing, visiting Japan will entail you some troubles and financial risks on your side only. So, if you feel unrest in visiting Japan, we recommend you to join us ONLINE.

Conference Programme (Room 3: English), 20th, 21st May, 2023, Hybrid: Senshu University, Ikuta Campus.
*This programme is based on Japan Standard Time (JST).

Day 1, 20th May, 2023 (Room 3)

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in Japanese (see the whole programme)

Session: Revisiting Karl Marx as a Historian of Economic Theories
Organizer and Chair: SUMIDA, Soichiro (Osaka University of Economics)

Online:GRASSMANN, Timm (The Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and
Title: Marx’s Critique of the Dispute between Currency School and Banking
School and its Synthesis by Bagehot
Discussant: EHARA, Kei (Tokyo Institute of Technology) 

KASHIWAZAKI, Masanori (Waseda University)
Title: Mercantilist Representations of Labour and Civil/Bourgeois Society:
Petty, Locke, and Marx’s Commentary
Discussant: SUMIDA, Soichiro (Osaka University of Economics)

SUMIDA, Soichiro (Osaka University of Economics)
Title: Marx’s Critique of French Political Economy: Focusing on his Excerpts
on Physiocracy
Discussant: KASHIWAZAKI, Masanori (Waseda University)

Day 2, 21st May,2023 (Room 3)

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Online:COLFFIELD, Carol (University of Sao Paulo, Brazil)
Title: Gottfied Haberler and Alexandre Kafka: Approaches on Economic Development in the Revista Brasileira de Economia [Brazilian Economic Review]
Chair: KIMURA, Yuichi (Nihon University)
Discussant: HATTORI, Shigeyuki (Doshisha University) 

Online:ALMEIDA, Rafael  (Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil)
Title: Douglass North and the Historians
Chair: SATO, Sora (Toyo University)
Discussant: TAKAHASHI, Shingo (Tokyo College of Transport Studies) 

Online:VAN MOURIK, Sven (New York University, USA)
Title: Mandate to Adjust: How the IMF Extended the Principle of
Asymmetric Adjustment beyond the Realm of Finance
Chair: TAKAMI, Norikazu (The University of Tokyo)
Discussant: YAMAZAKI, Yoshihiro (Fukuoka University) 

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Online:LAMBERT, Karras (George Mason University, USA)
Title: Military Keynesianism in Theory: Doctrinal History and Criticism
Chair: KAWAMATA, Masahiro (Keio University)
Discussant: HIRAKATA, Yasuhisa (Kanazawa Gakuin University) 

Online:BATZELI, Anna (Linnaeus University, Aristotle University, Greece)
Title: Gender, Migration and Working conditions in the Tobacco Industry: a Case-Study from Interwar Greece
Chair: MATSUNAGA, Tomoari (Yokohama National University)
Discussant: HONGO, Ryo (Kwansei Gakuin University) 

Online:CESARATTO, Sergio (University of Siena, Italy)
Title: Three Approaches to Institutions in Economic Analysis: Polanyi, North and the Surplus Approach’s Third Way
Chair: NIIDA, Tomoyuki (Tokyo Keizai University)
Discussant: ARAKAWA, Akiyoshi (Rikkyo University) 

SANTOS REDONDO, Manuel (Complutense University of Madrid, Spain)
Title: Environmental and Ecological Economics in HET
Chair: IKEDA, Yukihiro (Keio University)
Discussant: NISHIBAYASHI, Shogo (Taisho University) 

Registration fee and details: The fee is totally free. We are preparing virtual meeting rooms by “Gather.Town” to communicate with each other after the Conference. Please join us.

Conference Organizing Committee
Taku ERIGUCHI (Seinan Gakuin University)
e-mail: eriguchi[atmark]