The 82nd Annual Conference of the Japanese Society for the History of Economic Thought (JSHET) will be held on Saturday 2 and Sunday 3, June 2018 at The University of Tokyo, Hongo Campus, Tokyo.

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Details of the Conference:
Date: 2 and 3 June 2018
Venue: The Graduate School of Economics, The University of Tokyo, Hongo Campus, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan. 113-0033 campus map (overview):

campus map (The Graduate School of Economics, Hongo Campus, The University of Tokyo):

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0 Yen (JPY) for JSHET members, 6,000 Yen (JPY) for presenter of non-JSHET-members. 1,000 Yen (JPY) for other non-JSHET-members

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6000 Yen for those with full time job, 5500 Yen for those without full time job. These are the prices for those who reserve a dinner by 20th May. Please register your participation and book dinner via the following online-registration form.

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The University of Tokyo:
The University of Tokyo is one of the leading universities in Asia. It has multiple campuses. Hongo Campus, the conference site, has various old buildings and a garden.
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Local Committee
Shinji NOHARA(The University of Tokyo)
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Programme Committee
Tsutomu HASHIMOTO (Hokkaido University)
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Programme and Summaries (Yellow Slot: Presentation in English)
The program is subject to change as it is a provisional version as of 1 June, 2018.

Saturday, 2nd June 2018

Time Room 1[Second Classroom] Room 2[Third Classroom] Room 3[Sixth Classroom] Room 4[Seventh Classroom] Room 5[Eighth Classroom]
09:00-09:55 1-1 Ryo Sadamori (part-time lecturer of Keio University)
Title: The Differences in Analyses regarding the Decrease in Interest Rate in Spain in Montesquieu and Hume: The Relation between The Concept of “Money” and the Recognition of the Circulation of Wealth in World Commerce

Chair: Hiroko Goto (Hosei University)   
Discussant: Syohei Yoneda (Osaka Sangyo University)

2-1 Kimitoshi Sato (Emeritus Professor of National Institute of Technology, Nagaoka College)
Title: Beatrice Webb’s Welfare Economics on Social Economy: Basic Problem, Spencer, Marshall, Economics on Social Economy, Welfare Policy

Chair: Nanako Fujita (Nagoya City University)
Discussant: Hanno Terao (Waseda University)

  4-1 Reinhard Neck
Title: Was Carl Menger a Precursor of Karl Popper?

Chair: Midori Wakamori (Osaka City University)
Discussant: Shigeki Tomo (Independent Scholar)

5-1, 5-2 Organizer: Aki Lehtinen (University of Helsinki)
Models, Evidence and Progress in Economics

(1) Aki Lehtinen (University of Helsinki)
Title: The epistemic benefits of generalization in economic modelling

(2) Harold Kincaid (University of Cape Town)[Cancelled]
Title: Lessons of the Duhem-Quine problem for economics

Chair: D. Wade Hands (University of Puget Sound)
Discussant: Shin Kubo (Kwansei Gakuin University), Noriko Ishida (Nihon University)

10:00-10:55 1-2 Akio Hoshino (Emeritus Professor of Kanto Gakuin University)
Title: Adam Smith’s system ofproductive powers and rent

Chair: Michihiro Otonashi (Chuo University)
Discussant:Tetsuhiro Endo (Kyushu Kyoritsu University)

2-2 Eiko Yamamoto (Waseda University, Graduate Student)
Title: Graslin’s Theories of Progressive Consumption Tax and Tariff Linked with Cantillon’s Cycle Theory

Chair: Keiko Kurita (Tokyo Woman’s Christian University)
Discussant: So Kaneko (Oita University)

3-2 Yun Tao (School of Economics & Management,Hubei Engineering University)[Cancelled]
Title: The Welfare Economic Thought of Modern Japan

Chair:Hiromi Morishita (Hokkai Gakuen University)
Discussant:Muneyoshi Nakamura (Daito Bunka University)

4-2 Andrea Salanti (University of Bergamo)
Title: All that glitters is not gold: the case of “mainstream pluralism”

Chair: Masashi Kondo (Osaka Prefecture University)
Discussant: Susumu Egashira (Otaru University of Commerce)

11:00-11:55 1-3 Yuri Shiomi (University of Tokyo, Graduate student)
Title: JThe Theory of Money and Commerce on Sir James Steurart

Chair: Hiroshi Takemoto (Emeritus Professor of Kwansei Gakuin University)
Discussant: Kiyofumi Yahata (Emeritus Professor of Ferris University)

2-3 Yoshiro Kamitake (Hitotsubashi University)
Title: Title:From Aristotle’s κοινωνια to Marx’s intermundia

Chair: Daisuke Nakai (Kindai University)
Discussant: Kuniyasu Morioka (Osaka University of Commerce)

3-3 Tadashi Otsuki (part-time lecturer of Gunma University)
Title: Kaname Akamatsu on the Theory of the Structural Changes of the World Economy: from the 1930s to the 1970s

Chair: Tatsuo Harada (Ryukoku University)
Discussant: Kuniaki Makino (Setsunan University)

4-3 Jean-Daniel Boyer
Title: Was Cantillon such a “foolish political teacher”?: Looking back on the models of circulation of wealth from Cantillon to Quesnay

Chair: Hiroshi Kitami (Osaka Sangyo University)
Discussant: Yusuke Ando (Rikkyo University)

5-3 Fernando Ferrari [Cancelled]
Title: Reflections on the method of Keynes

Chair: Toshiaki Hirai (Sophia University)
Discussant:Arata Fujiwara (Rikkyo University)

11:55-12:40 Lunch Time
12:40-13:35 [First Classroom]General meeting (Greeting from the school)
13:40-14:35 1-4 Tokutaro Shibata (Teikyo University)
Title: Money Theory of James Steuart and Chartalist Theory of Money

Chair: Naoki Hayashi (Onomichi City University)
Discussant: Yuji Sato (Rikkyo University)

2-4 Yamazaki Yoshihiro (Fukuoka University)
Title: Probability in Quantum Mechanics and in Contemporary Macroeconomics

Chair: Akiyoshi Arakawa (Rikkyo University)
Discussant: Toichiro Asada (Chuo University)

3-4 Shigeta Minamimori (Nagasaki University)
Title: On KANDA Takahira’s Beneficiary-pays Principle: the Influence of William Ellis’s Tax Theory

Chair: Akihito Matsumoto (Tokushima Bunri University)
Discussant: Yasunori Fukagai (Yokohama National University)

4-4 Gilles Campagnolo(National Center for Scientific Research)
Title: Steuart, Hegel, Chamley (and Keynes?)

Chair: Susumu Takenaga (Daito Bunka University)
Discussant: Yutaka Furuya (Tohoku University)

14:40-15:35 1-5 Tetsuo Taka (Emeritus Professor of Kyushu University)
Title: On the Significance and Meaning of the Part I in The Theory of Moral Sentiments

Chair: Hiroyuki Furuya (Tokushima Bunri University)
Discussant: Yoshio Inoue (Chuo University)

2-5 Atsushi Kusuki (Hokusei Gakuen University)
Title: J. A. Schumpeter and F. H. Knight: On the Uncertainty

Chair: Eiji Yamamoto(Kanazawa Seiryo University)
Discussant: Satiko Motoyoshi(Tohoku Gakuin University)

3-5, 3-6 Organizer: Tamotsu Nishizawa (Teikyo University)
Economic Thought of Tokuzo Fukuda in Rehabilitation?Referring to the publication of the ”Collected Works of Tokuzo Fukuda

(1) Shutaro Muto (Niigata University)   
Title: Tokuzo Fukuda and Reimeikai

(2) Takutoshi Inoue
Title: Formation of Tokuzo Fukuda’s Thought on ‘Human Renaissance’

(3) Hidetomi Tanaka(Jobu University)   
Title: Tokuzo Fukuda and the Contemporary economics

Discussant: Kiitiro Yagi (Setsunan University), Hiroshi Matsunoo (Ehime University)
Chair: Tamotsu Nishizawa (Teikyo University)

4-5, 4-6 Organizer: Shinji Nohara (University of Tokyo)
The dissemination of Adam Smith’s ideas to East Asia

(1) Daisuke Arie(Yokohama National University)
Title: The Wrong but Influential Image of Adam Smith in the 20th century Japan: What the Adam Smith Library Suggests

(2) Shinji Nohara (University of Tokyo)
Title: Adam Smith’s maginalia

(3) Jeng-Guo S. Chen (Academia Sinica)
Title: The Use and Abuse of Adam Smith in China, 1902- 2012

Chair: Ryu Susato (Keio University)
Discussant: Shigeru Akita (Osaka University), Shimpei Yamamoto (Hokusei Gakuen University)

5-5, 5-6 Organizer: Michiru Nagatsu (University of Helsinki)
Economic Methodology: Historical and Philosophical

(1) D. Wade Hands (University of Puget Sound)
Title: Philosophy of economics without history of economics is empty; history of economics without philosophy of economics is blind : the relationship between history and philosophy of economics during the last half century

(2) Norikazu Takami (Tokyo Metropolitan University)
Title: Professor Hands’s Reflection without Rules and its significance to the history of economics

(3) Magdalena Małecka and Michiru Nagatsu (University of Helsinki)
Title: The behavioral origins of behavioral economics: re-examination

Chair: Don Ross (University College Cork; University of Cape Town; Georgia State University)
Discussant: Naoki Haraya (Gunma Prefectural Women’s University), Erik Angner (Stockholm University)

15:40-16:35 1-6 Taro Hisamatsu (Doshisha University)
Title: Title: Creating the Ricardian Model of International Trade

Chair: Yoshitaka Hirano (Toyama Prefectural University)
Discussant: Satoshi Yoshii (Nagoya University of Commerce & Business)

2-6 Junki Nakakitaura (Doshisha University)
Titile: ‘Lacking’ and ‘Hoarding’ in Robertsonian Economics: An approach from his real theory

Chair: Ryo Hongo (Kwansei Gakuin University)
Discussant: Shimodaira Hiroyuki (Yamagata University)

16:40-17:35 1-7 Naoyuki Wakamatsu (Graduate Student, Graduate School of Economics, Kobe University)
Title: David Ricardo’s Dynamic Tax Theory

Chair: Shigemasa Sato (Emeritus Professor of Onomichi City University)
Discussant: Shinji Fukuda (Hirosaki University)

2-7 Masahiro Kawamata (Keio University)
Title: Marginal Revolution Reconsidered

Chair: Kenji Fujii (Aoyama Gakuin University)
Discussant: Isao Muto (National Defense Academy of Japan)

3-7 Mikio Nishioka (Doshisha University)
Title: The framework of the strategic opening of Japan and ‘Enriching the Country’ by Yokoi Shonan

Chair: Masamiti Komuro(Keio University)
Discussant: Junko Aoyagi(part-time lecturer of Daito Bunka University)

4-7 Motohiro Okada (Konan University)
Title: Reappraisal of Karl Marx’s anti-neoclassical perspective on labour exchange: for the 200th anniversary of his birth

Chair: Tsuyoshi Yuki (Saitama University)
Discussant: Ryuzo Kuroki (Rikkyo University)

5-7 Filipenko, Anton(Taras Shevchenko national university of Kyiv) [Cancelled]
Title: Interdisciplinary methodology in international economics

Chair: Seiichiro Ito (Ohtsuki City College)
Discussant: Nobuhiko Nakazawa (Kansai University)

17:40-18:30 [First Classroom] Presidential Address:
The Present Position of Studies on the History of Economic Thought: Atsushi Komine (President of the JSHET, Ryukoku University)
Rejume in Japanese Slides in English
18:45-20:45 Conference Dinner
Venue:Co-op Central Hall

Sunday, 3rd June 2018


Time Room 1[Second Classroom] Room 2[Third Classroom] Room 3[Sixth Classroom] Room 4[Seventh Classroom] Room 5[Eighth Classroom]
09:00-09:55 1-8 Tadahiro Yamao (Keio University, Graduate Student)
Title: J.S. Mill on Women’s Employment: Focusing on the Revision of the Third Edition of Principles of Political Economy

Chair: Hiroaki Itai (Ochanomizu University)
Discussant: Keiko Funaki (Musashi University)

2-8 Kazunori Akatsuka (Kokugakuin University, Graduate student )
Title: A genealogical study of Austrian theory of capital: Distinctiveness and Diversity

Chair: Koji Daikoku (Kyoto University)
Discussant: Manabu Kuwata (Fukuyama City University)

3-8 Xin-Wei You (Hokkaido University, Graduate student)
Title: A Study on Hegel’s Ideas about Labor in his Theory of Civil Society and Marx’s Theory of Sensual Labor

Chair: Tetsushi Harada (Kwansei Gakuin University)
Discussant: Yuta Otsuka (Nagoya University of Economics)

4-8, 4-9 Organizer: Don Ross (University College Cork; University of Cape Town; Georgia State University)
Should We Trust Economists as Expert Social Planners?

(1) Julian Reiss (Durham University)
Title: Expertise, Consensus, and the Nature of Social Scientific Facts Or: Against Epistocracy

(2) Don Ross (University College Cork; University of Cape Town; Georgia State University)
Title: Why economists are most trustworthy when the general public isn’t watching

(3) Guilhem Lecouteux (University of Nice)
Title: The fable of the beekeepers

Chair: Tomoyuki Uemiya (Osaka University of Economics)
Discussant: Satoshi Yamazaki (Kochi University), Yoshifumi Ozawa (Kyushu Sangyo University)

5-8 Chiu-Ping Wang
Title: Does financial crisis influence the information content of dividend policy?

Chair: Jou Ishii (Kanto Gakuin University)
Discussant: Takashi Yagi (Meiji University)

10:00-10:55 1-9, 1-10 Organizer: Hideo Tanaka (Aichigakuin University)  
Reviewing the study on Adam Smith in Japan and West

(1) Keiichi Watanabe (Kyoto Gakuen University)
Title:Adam Smith Study from Pre-War Japan to the Trio, (Uchida, Kobayashi, and Mizuta)

Hideo Tanaka (Aichigakuin University)
Title: A General Review of Adam Smith Studies in Japan since the End of the WW?

Hisashi Shinohara (Emeritus Professor of Kwansei Gakuin University)
Title: An Aspect of the Recent Adam Smith Studies on TMS, LRBL, and EPS.

Chair: Takashi Okuda (Konan University)
Discussant: Tomoyuki Arai (Shimonoseki City University), Shigemi Muramatsu (Kumamoto Gakuen University), Hiroko Aoki (Musashino University)

2-9 Takahiro Yamamoto (part-time lecturer of Kanagawa Institute of Technology)
Title: On Hayek’s Business Cycle: Why has it been forgotten?

Yusuke Yoshino (Chukyo University)
Discussant: Hiroyuki Okon (Kokugakuin University)

3-9 Xi Ciao (Shanxi University of Finance Economics, China)[Cancelled]
Title: Changes in Ideas on the Economics Ethics in Postwar Japan

Chair: Jun Kobayashi(Emeritus Professor of Rikkyo University)
Discussant: Kentaro Tsuneki (Senshu University)

11:00-11:55 2-10 Noriaki Kawamura (Kokushikan University)
Title: The low theory of Hayek and the caategorical imperative of Kant

Chair:Masanori Taishido (Toyo University)
Discussant:Hironori Sakai (Kanagawa University)

3-10 Craig Freedman (University of New South Wales)
Title: Roads Not Taken: The Coase Conundrum

Chair: Kouki Hirose (Fukui Prefectural University)
Discussant: Masahiro Mikami (Meiji University)

4-10 Hoon Hong (Yonsei University)
Title: Towards a Critique of Neoclassical Economics

Chair: Takuo Dome (Osaka University)
Discussant: Takato Kasai (Kagoshima University)

11:55-12:45 Lunch Time
12:45-16:15 [First classroom]:
Plenary Session : Japanese Contributions to the Economic Thought from 1968 to 2018
Organizer:Tsutomu Hashimoto (Hokkaido University) and Masanobu Sato (Kansai University)
Chair: Tsutomu Hashimoto (Hokkaido University)   

(1) Tatsuya Sakamoto(Keio University)
The Birth of Yoshihiko Uchida’s The Birth of Economics: In Search of Justice for Civil Society   

(2) Han Lixin (Tsinghua University)
A Theory of Civil Society School of Japanese Marxism and its Implications to China: Especially on Mochizuki Seiji’s Study on Marxian Theory of History   

(3) Nao Saito (Tohoku Gakuin University)
Yuichi Shionoya’s Economic Philosophy: Perfectionist Liberalism and Social Reform

Commentators: Shintaro Tamate (University of Tokyo), Kunihiko Uemura (Kansai University), and Masanobu Sato(Kansai University)

Questions and responses
Some Remarks by the Organizer

16:20 Closing remarks (President of the JSHET)