Kei Ehara(江原慶)編 『Japanese Discourses on the Marxian Theory of Finance』 Springer Nature、2022年

:XIX, 189
:Hardcover: JPY 14299(税込)eBook: JPY 11439(税込)
: Hardcover ISBN: 978-3-030-83323-7 eBook ISBN: 978-3-030-83324-4

This edited volume traces the development of the Marxian theory of finance in Japan. Japanese Marxists have long been engaged in this field of study, yet their achievements are hardly known in other languages. Japanese Discourses on the Marxian Theory of Finance brings together in English for the first time six core essays essential to the understanding of the history and development of Japanese Marxian economics. Part I considers the so-called Uno-Miyake debate, which shaped the direction of the research in postwar Japan. Part II includes the three core essays influenced by Uno, including an essay by Shigekatsu Yamaguchi, who introduced a new method to systematically deal with “credit creation” which must be duly taken into consideration if scholars are to analyze today’s “financialization.” Finally, the last two essays follow from Yamaguchi’s influential theory to consider the relation of banking with the capital market to complete the theory of finance in Marxian economics. 

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter

    Pages i-xix
  2. Introduction to Japanese Studies of Marxian Theory of Finance

    • Kei Ehara
    Pages 1-33
  3. Uno-Miyake Debate: Formation of Marxian Theory of Finance

    1. Front Matter

      Pages 35-35
    2. On Money Capitalists in the Theory of Interest in Capital

      • Kōzō Uno
      Pages 37-58
    3. Interest-Bearing Capital: Response to the Explanation of Kōzō Uno

      • Yoshio Miyake
      Pages 59-85
    4. How a Theory of Interest Should Be Developed: Answering Yoshio Miyake’s Critique of the Theory of Interest in My Principles of Political Economy

      • Kōzō Uno
      Pages 87-108
  4. Development After Uno

    1. Front Matter

      Pages 109-109
    2. A Systematic Approach to Marxian Credit Theory Based on the Uno Theory

      • Shigekatsu Yamaguchi
      Pages 111-133
    3. Bank Capital and Credit System

      • Masashi Shimizu
      Pages 135-158
    4. Theorizing Bank Capital : Neo-Unoist Approach

      • Kei Ehara
      Pages 159-183
  5. Back Matter

    Pages 185-189