Mikio Nishioka(西岡 幹夫)著『Ideas and Economy in Japan -- Innovation and Tradition』同志社大学経済学研究叢書 10 有斐閣、2022年

:A5判 / 266頁

近世・近代日本の著名な政治経済学者の事績を西欧思想との共通性と日本の特殊性に注目して究明。全文英語。A history of Japanese economic thought, focusing on the modern period. Full text in English.


Chapter1 Framework and method for formation and development of Japanese economic society
Chapter2 The circulation of ‘the reason of the natural universe’ and the socio-economic thought of ‘peace reigns’ by Ito Jinsai (伊藤仁斎)
Chapter3 Political economy and public welfare in Dazai Shundai (太宰春台): Institutionalisation and Joheiso (常平倉)
Chapter4 Honda Toshiaki (本多利明) and the Institutional Innovation: The vision of ‘enrichment of Japan’
Chapter5 Nakai Chikuzan (中井竹山) and his economic thought on a stable regional society: ‘Institutional framework’ and Shaso (社倉, the community warehouse) plan
Chapter6 Konei and local bond: Nakai Chikuzan and Konishi Ichu (小西惟冲) in the institutionalisation of Shaso storage
Chapter7 ‘Enriching the country’ in Yokoi Shonan (横井小楠) and his strategic framework of ‘the opening of Japan to the world’
Chapter8 The conflict and the development in modern Japanese economic thought
Chapter9 Seki Hajime (関 一)’s urban socio-economic policy and his economic thought
Afterword Bibliography/List of the first publications/Name Index

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