Toru Maruyama 編『Marginal Revolution in Economics: A Reappraisal』Pages 183-207 Masahiro Kawamata(川俣 雅弘)著「A Historical Perspective on the Theories Related to the Competitive Equilibrium Allocation」 Springer Singapore、2024年1月

:IX, 259 pages

This volume is devoted to a reappraisal of the Marginal Revolution on the occasion of its 150th anniversary.

The year 1871 should be remembered as one of the most important turning points in the history of economics. W. S. Jevons, C. Menger, and L. Walras published epochal works at the very beginning of the 1870s. Although these works were written independently, they shared a common mathematical structure based on classical analysis. For this reason, the emergence of the trio is called the Marginal Revolution. Indeed, 1871 is the starting point of modern economics in the proper sense.

In 1971, several academic conferences were held on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Revolution, which exerted the stimulating influence upon the historical researches into the Revolution. Now more than fifty years have passed since then. Economic theory has experienced further substantial changes in researchers’ central interest, the way of reasonings and the styles of description during this period. In view of the new achievements acquired in recent fifty years, it seems an indispensable task for us to review and reevaluate the Marginal Revolution based upon the present status of economics.

We also keep in mind that some concepts and doctrines once discarded could reappear in a later stage of history in a more or less transfigured form.

The introductory chapter will be a guide for readers not only from the economics community but also from the mathematics community.


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 Toru Maruyama

Toward the Marginal Revolution: The Foundational Status of Antoine-Augustin Cournot

 Claude Menard

Carl Menger’s Alternative to the Classical Theory of Value and Distribution, and Marginalism

 Heinz D. Kurz

Viewing William Stanley Jevons as a Thinker on Social Issues in the Late Victorian Period in Britain

 Aiichiro Mogi

Another Look at the Lasting Utilitarian Imprint in Economic Theory

 Bruna Ingrao

A Historical Perspective on the Theories Related to the Competitive Equilibrium Allocation

 Masahiro Kawamata

Behavioral Heterogeneity Pareto Distributions of Homothetic Preference Scales and Aggregate Expenditures Income Elasticities

 Jean-Michel Grandmont

Linear Exchange Economies

 Bernard Cornet

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