Estrella Trincado, Andres Lazzarini, Denis Melnik (eds.), Ideas in the History of Economic Development: The Case of Peripheral Countries, Routledge, August 2019

:5 August 2019


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Estrella Trincado, Andrés Lazzarini and Denis Melnik

Part I

1 Degrees of abstraction in development economics
Vladimir Avtonomov
2 Debates on Development in the Spanish economy, 1848-1960
Elena Gallego and Estrella Trincado
3 Development economics in Portugal
Carlos Bastien and Ana Bela Nunes
4 Italian economists, paradigmatic revolutions and development issues in Italy in the last quarter of the nineteenth century
Simona Pisanelli
5 Soviet development model: A history of interpretations
Denis Melnik
6 Development issues in the Economic Thought of the European Periphery: The Case of Bulgaria from the mid-nineteenth century to the mid-twentieth century
Pencho D. Pechev

Part II

7 Chinese debates on economic development in the 1920s-1940s
Olga Borokh
8 ‘Old’ Chinese debates on economic development: Not only Chinese, and not so old
Clara García
9 Indian Nationalism: Asian context, interwar years and Nehruvian Statebuilding
Manuel Gonzalo and Eduardo Crespo
10 Economic Development and Economics in Japan, 1870-1940
Jou Ishii

Part III
Latin America
11 From Developmentalism to Neoliberalism in Latin America
Matías Vernengo
12 Redistribution, Growth, Structural Change and Dollarization: Understanding Ecuadorian perspectives
Marco Missaglia
13 The Politics of Economic Development: Latin America Through the Eyes of Albert O. Hirschman
Andrés M. Guiot-Isaac
14 An Alternative Demand-Led, Structuralist Interpretation of the Economic ‘Golden Era’ in Argentina (1870-1930)
Fabián Amico and Numa Mazat
15 The rise and fall of economic development preoccupations in Argentina and the turn toward neoliberalism in the 1970s
Andrés Lazzarini and Gabriel Brondino
16 The place of institutions in Latin American development: From Prebisch to Dependency Theory and beyond
Roberto Lampa